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How Big of a Van Do I need to Move House?

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How Big of a Van Do I need to Move House?

Movingyousydney – While moving furniture or move house, the quantities, such as 600 cubic feet and 3 or 3.5 ton, might look useless and abstract in relation to your own common real boxes, tables, beds, and sofas.

Indeed, every furniture piece has its own cubic feet size value, and it helps to measure the volume of a van which would be needed for transporting your items during a move. For example, a medium-sized box can be around 3 cubic feet and the fridge freezer is around 30 cubic feet. That is why 20 fridge freezers or around 200 boxes can be fitted theoretically inside a van which is of 600 cubic feet.

So, if you consider doing the calculations, you should also keep in mind the loading and stacking portions too. Some of the furniture items are also awkward and bulky. That is why, to stay on the safe side, you always need to estimate the amount of space required by you.

You can consider a guide on the sizes of removal vans for translating the abstract calculations into more recognizable terms. By doing so you can easily determine the types of domestic removable vehicles, which would be perfect for your needs.

MWB or Medium Wheelbase Transit for Move House

The medium wheelbase transit is technically the smallest type of transport vehicle available in the market. It is used for moving around 30 to 35 medium size boxes which might be enough for filling a shed. You would have to subtract the volume of any other household items, which you might want to add over here, from the number of boxes. For example, to add a washing machine, you would have to take back around 6 boxes worth the space of it.

LWB or Long Wheelbase Transit Move House

A long wheelbase transit might be the perfect one for you while you want to move from or to a furnished property. You can use it even while clearing out the garage. Technically, this LWP is made for transporting several boxes besides larger household items.

3.5 Ton Luton Body Van with attached Tail Lift

A 3.5 ton Luton body Van would be appealing to you if the LWB transit is not quite enough for you. This one comes with a volume of 600 cubic feet. It is designed for transporting 20 to 25 boxes of medium size along with heavier household items like a double bed, two seater sofa and dining table. To facilitate the loading and unloading process, a lift is also present.

7.5 Ton Luton Body Van with attached Tail Lift

This 7.5 ton Luton body van is considered as the king of the removals world, having a volume of 1200 cubic feet. It is used for carrying out a complete bedroom, living room, kitchen along garden furniture. And it is designed for a three-bedroom house move.

Don’t forget to contact the right Man with A Van for helping you in moving home. These professionals can provide you with the perfect sort of vehicles you need for your transport requirements besides offering you expert and professional advice required for your move.

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