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Hiring Professional Removalist: Things to Look Out For

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Hiring Professional Removalist: Things to Look Out For

It’s finally time to move to a new place. And after meticulously listing every detail prior to the move, from looking up free space within your life schedule, organizing all your belongings and dividing them into several categories, listing all the essential materials needed to pack and transport them to the new place, planning all the budget estimation, to making sure whether you want to do all that heavy labour, you’re finally set to hire a professional removalist to do the moving for you. But before you spend hours or even days researching top removalists and pick certain removalist company, here are some things which you need to take into deep consideration.

Try asking around

It never hurts to remain cautious and vigilant; and this particularly holds true when it comes to choosing the perfect professional removalist for you. You wouldn’t want to end up coming to check up on your new place to see how far the moving process has gone and then you found out that the removalist adds an extensive list of extra add-ons and charges into your bill without you knowing, and says that if you don’t pay this sum of money, you can’t get all your belongings (and these kinds of things do happen, believe it or not).

And asking around at first is the most basic thing you can do. You can try asking your family, friends, or colleagues at work – especially if you know they’ve had their own experience of moving home – whether they have a preference for a certain removalist company. This includes both positive recommendations and perhaps removalist companies you should definitely avoid. Asking around in the forum should work, too. If you want to go into more details about removalist companies, you can check up on them using third-party services like the Better Business Bureau and see if they have had many complaints addressed to them or even whether their name would show up in the scam tracker.

Get in-person estimates

Even if you’ve already researched beforehand regarding budget estimates – from distance taken, a number of belongings to how certain company charges the service – it’s better to get in-person estimates. If necessary, have the removalist consultant of each projected company of your choice come to your place to take a look at your every belonging and make an estimate accordingly. Also, inquire whether the company charges binding or nonbinding estimates. Do not ever accept an estimate over a phone call; you want the estimate to be as solid and as accurate as possible.

Always opt for insurance

One main reason you prefer hiring a professional removalist over doing it yourself is of course because you don’t want to expose your belongings to the risk of breakage. Sometimes your own insurance only covers when the belongings are at home, not when they are transported. If that’s the case, discuss with the removalist company about insurance coverage.

Pay attention to the date

Depending on your timeline, you might want to schedule your move in winter. Generally, summer is the most expensive time of the year to move since it’s usually the peak season for removalist companies. During the peak season, companies tend to charge extra for their service. On the other hand, although it isn’t necessarily a quiet time to move, winter is still a safer choice of time since it’s generally a slower season. This means you can get cheaper and better deals because removalist companies do tend to offer discounts during this time. And if you do pick winter as the time to move, stick with it. There will be extra costs added if you decide to change the relocation date.

Read the final contract properly

This is something most people tend to ignore. Once you reach an agreement with a certain removalist company, always be sure you read the contract thoroughly. Don’t worry about making the company wait for some time while you spend time reading. Pay close attention to every detail in the contract; agreed on relocation dates, insurance claims, company’s liability over your belongings, or the final charges for the service. You can even ask someone who has the qualification who you trust to sort this kind of thing. As previously stated, scamming isn’t uncommon so you need to be 100% sure before you proceed.

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