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Do-It-Yourself vs Professional Removalist: Things to Consider

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Do-It-Yourself vs Professional Removalist: Things to Consider

Are you currently planning on moving? Weighing up between the option of doing it by yourself or perhaps hiring a professional removalist?

Whether you prefer having a professional removalist to do it or doing the moving yourself, even asking for help from family or some friends, there are many things to consider. How well you think you can handle all the packing, unpacking, and assembling by yourself? Are there other people who you can trust in helping you moving out stuff from your old place to the new one? And, of course, how much of either option will cost you?


First and foremost, take a really good look at your timeline and plan accordingly. Moving will always take so much time to do and you should be aware that while things can go smoothly, at the same time a lot can go really wrong during the process of a move. Ask yourself whether you can spare enough space within your own life schedule to be able to organize, pack and unpack, assembly, and transport your belongings in time, even when the unexpected occurs.


Then, on to your actual moving budget. You can start by making a detailed checklist of materials you need to get before the moving day. Organize your every belonging carefully, then list all materials needed to pack as well as transport them. Check how many moving boxes you will need, also packing tape and packing paper as well as other essentials necessary to ensure the safety of your belongings such as Styrofoam balls or bubble wrap, moving blankets or furniture pads, then how much money used to rent moving truck as well as projected trips needed to finish transporting all your belongings (so that you can calculate gas expense properly), or, if you prefer having your family or friends helping out with the move, you can also take food and drinks expense into your consideration – after all, even if it’s just helping out, you’ve got to at least thank all of them.

Physical Abilities

Also, remember to be honest to yourself: do you have the physical capacity needed to do all that, from organizing, packing, to carrying out the heavier items. Even if you think you do (or perhaps your family or friends do, too), it is still important to consider the possibility of something unexpected to happen during the move. Consider if you’re willing to take the risk of damage to your belongings, or if you’re willing to fork out extra money for medical expenses in case of an unexpected injury.

Hiring A Removalist

After you’ve done with all of the above, then you may consider other available options: hiring a professional removalist. For tips, always try to look up about three or more professional removalist so you can get a rough idea about the difference in pricing plan; for example, when you look up professional removalist, pick the top three or four companies and make a budget estimation accordingly, depending on the services you need. This way you can make a better comparison and of course decide on whether hiring a certain professional removalist is better than doing it yourself.

It’s easy to think that by doing the moving yourself, you will save a lot of money in the process at the expense of time and extra labour. But remember, it’s always easier said than done, and professional removalists do that every day – they build their expertise based on that. Professional removalists are hired because they offer an experience so that you can sit back and relax while your belongings are being safely transported to your new place. And imagine the things you can do and enjoy in the meantime, instead of using it to move by yourself.

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